Foolproof Color Workbook


Color theory is a tool, not a rule!

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Foolproof Color Workbook
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By the author of the Foolproof Color Wheel Set, Katie Fowler shows you how to plan and practice color theory. Guided by her expert tips and suggestions, your creative juices will flow as you develop a comprehensive understanding of color theory and color relationships while completing these fun activities. Relax with your coloring tool of choice and explore hues, transparency, saturation, and more. Use this workbook for years to come as it will continue to be a great reference for all color and color combinations. So, go ahead, get coloring!

Gain an understanding of basic color theory in a series of fun and practical exercises Explore topics such as hue, saturation, value, color mixing, transparency, color relationships and more Both an educational and enjoyable hands-on experience!

8.5" x 8.5"
128 pages


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Foolproof Color Workbook

October 2, 2021

If I could give this book 10 stars, I would! I've always struggled with color theory and have many a 'help' book and a college class on the subject. I just received the book this AM and it is the BEST book I've ever seen! There are actual lessons on how color theory works and I can tell it's going to really help me. It's 136 pages of help. The color wheel isn't simply explained, but your color and create your own to help you really understand what you're doing. As far as I'm concerned, this book is well worth the price and I'm beginning the lessons tonight. I think the fact the color wheel is explained and then I create a copy on my own will help me learn better than just explanation. I'm a physical learner and concrete thinker. I have always struggled with just explanations to learn a subject. Too many other lessons are more for the abstract learner who can learn from visual and hearing cues only. Yes, I do have a learning disability

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