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Ten Helpful Hints!

By Betsy Ann Day

If your foundation row tends to be too tight, use a hook one size larger just for that chain.

Add a gift tag: Include fiber content, care instructions and a personal note.

Keep a creative diary. Include pictures of your work, patterns, personal notes, yarn samples, labels, etc.

Display your hooks in a small vase.

Make a gauge swatch of ample size for each project. Launder it and evaluate your yarn's quality and drape.

To keep a pull-from-the-center skein of yarn tidy, insert it into a nylon knee-hi.

Use an old teapot as a thread holder. Thread the string through the spout.

Save all swatches. Create a one-of-a-kind mismatched vest, scarf, afghan or tote bag.

Cut all scraps of yarn into 3-inch pieces. Hang in mesh bags, or scatter them on evergreen branches. Your neighborhood birds will appreciate the nestbuilding material!

Join a crochet guild. Start your own chapter. Creating with others brings great joy!