Rose Gold Pins & Tower


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Rose Gold Pins & Tower
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Sure, no one sees pins in your final product, but the sewing itself will definitely be more fun with these pins with their rose gold heads! Everyone knows crafting is better when your supplies are pretty. You'll get 150 pins that are 1 1/2" long in a unique container to help keep you organized.
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Rose Gold Pins & Tower

October 29, 2021

I was disappointed that these pins are not magnetic. The points became dull right away. I like the gold color.

Rose Gold Pins & Tower

October 19, 2021

These pins are very pretty and make a nice decoration for your sewing room, but they aren't really usable. The points are very dull and make a hole in your fabric fraying the fibers. Then the shank of the pin isn't polished and smooth, it's dull with a matte finish and just drags through the cloth. I'm disappointed with this purchase and sadly, can't recommend it to others.

Rose Gold Pins & Tower

May 27, 2021

They are pretty but I find them dull and hard to pass through even a single piece of fabric. I also wish they were magnetic.

Rose Gold Pins & Tower

November 27, 2020

I'm not sure what these pins are made of, but they do not stick to a magnetic dish or pin holder. They are nice, long pins, but they end up on the floor because they don't stay put in my magnetic dishes. Then they are more difficult to pick up off the floor after they fall, again because they don't stick to a magnet.

Rose Gold Pins & Tower

May 12, 2020

Just what ordered and they turned out to be beautiful. Thank you.

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