This two-color brioche shawl adds the perfect color to a neutral outfit!

Technique: Knit
Skill Level: Intermediate
Briochealicious Knit Pattern - Print-to-Order
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Is it time for some brioche knitting? Of course, and the Briochealicious crescent shawl is the perfect project for those getting acquainted with the technique. This popular stitch type produces an elastic, lofty fabric that is a joy to make and wear. Briochealicious combines easy garter stitch with lovely two-color brioche into a shawl measuring 83" across and 17 1/2" deep. Knit it using super fine weight (1) yarn: 790 yards of the main color, 90 yards of contrast color 1, 115 yards of contrast color 2,175 yards of contrast color 3.
Designed by Andrea Mowry.
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