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Quilt Hanging Solutions

Any quilt can be hung on the wall, from small art quilts up to bed size quilts. Quilts may be hung using bone rings, fabric tabs or using a hanging sleeve to fit on a rod. Choose the hanging solution to match the size and weight of your quilt. Small quilts can be hung from tabs, bone rings, clip-on rings or a full rod, but only a sturdy rod should be used for larger quilts.

Hanging Sleeves

The size of a hanging sleeve depends on the diameter of the rod to be used. Smaller wall quilts use a narrower rod while larger quilts require something sturdier.

1. Cut a strip of fabric (or strips to join), 6"-10" wide and at least 1 1/2" longer than the width of the edge of the quilt. Note:A 6"-10" wide strip will be wide enough for most hanging rods. 

2. Turn each end of the strip 1/4" to wrong side and press. Turn 1/2" again to wrong side and press; stitch close to second fold to hem (Figure A).

Quilt Hanging Solutions
3. Fold the hemmed strip with right sides together along the length and stitch. Press seam open. Turn right side out and press with seam centered (Figure B).

Quilt Hanging Solutions
4. Center the sleeve on the top back side of the quilt, with seam facing back, and hand-stitch the top edge in place.

5. Hand-stitch the back side of the sleeve to the quilt backing 1/2" from the bottom pressed edge. This allows space for the rod while preventing pulling on the front of the quilt (Figure C).

Quilt Hanging Solutions
6. Stitch the hemmed edges in place touching the quilt back binding edge to finish. Note:Some quilters like to insert the hanging sleeve into the seam at the top edge when sewing binding to the quilt edge.

7. To hang the quilt, insert the dowel or rod through the sleeve.

Hanging Tabs

Fabric hanging tabs are an alternative to a full hanging sleeve for a small wall quilt. This is often an easy alternative to stitched on rings or clip-on curtain rings.


Cut 2 (4" x 4 1/2") rectangles of complimentary or matching fabric.

Cut 2 (4" x 2 1/4") rectangles of scrap batting.

Note: For larger wall quilts, additional hanging tabs can be added, if desired.


1. Fold and press each fabric rectangle in half, right sides together.

2. Layer a batting rectangle on top of each folded fabric rectangle and stitch through all layers on open side (Figure D).

Quilt Hanging Solutions
3. Turn right sides out, with batting inside; press. Topstitch along both long sides.

4. Fold stitched tab in half and position on back of quilt, matching raw edges to raw edge of quilt top and spacing tabs equally apart along the top raw edge of quilt.

5. Stitch into place at the binding 1/4" seam lines. Turn binding to quilt back and hand-stitch in place to complete binding as usual (Figure E).

Quilt Hanging Solutions
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