Choosing and preparing fabric.
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Cross-Stitch Stitch Guide


Think of the word "embroidery" -- what comes to mind? Crewel, needlepoint, smocking, Hardanger? The list could go on and on ...

Embroidery is defined as the embellishment of fabric with needlework. In the realm of needlework, there are many types of hand stitching and literally hundreds of different stitches. Though some types of embroidery may seem intimidating at first, keep in mind most intricate stitches are combinations and variations of a few basic ones. Then, simply changing the fabric and application of a stitch -- a new technique, a different look.

With so many different techniques to express your creativity using embroidery -- why not take some time to expand your horizons by learning a new stitch or technique? Begin a sampler of new stitches. As you perfect them, embellish a blouse or home decor project. If you're adventurous, try some pulled thread or cut work. Remember those basic stitches go a long way!