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Enlarging a Pattern

Sandra Hatch

How To Enlarge a Pattern

Janet wants to know: "Can you tell me how to enlarge a pattern?"

Enlarging a pattern is easy, but can be intimidating for those of us who can't draw. Begin by finding the scale of the pattern you are enlarging. For example, if the instructions state the scale is 1/4" equals 1", begin by drawing a 1" grid with the same number of spaces as the original on a large piece of paper. Copy the design from the smaller grid to the larger grid by filling in each square in the grid in the same way as the original. It may be necessary to count squares in each grid to see where to begin, but it is not difficult to do. Use a pencil so that you can erase, if necessary. When you are satisfied with your drawing, go over the lines to darken them for use as patterns. Good luck!

Constance points out: "In your last letter you talked about enlarging patterns. I don't know if you have this formula for enlarging or reducing on a copy machine, but it works. To reduce a pattern (for example, 18" to 15"), divide 15 by 18 and then multiply by 100; this equals 83 percent. Basically what it boils down to is to reduce the size, divide the size you want it to be by the size you have. To enlarge, divide the size you have by the size you want it to be. Multiply both answers by 100 to get the percentage to enlarge or reduce."

Thanks for this easy explanation, Constance.