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Rusting Needles

Sandra Hatch

Rusting Needles


Sally from Australia has a hint: "I thought I would pass on this tip. When buying new shoes, don't throw away the silica gel packs you find in the box. Instead add them to the container where you keep your needles and they will never rust."

Yvonne writes: "I enjoy receiving your newsletter and seeing the different responses to questions asked. One can never gain enough knowledge about one's favorite pastime, be it sewing or quilting.

"I have another suggestion in regard to keeping your pins and needles from rusting. Someone told me many years ago that human-hair pincushions will keep your pins from rusting. I tried this when I got several inches cut off my own hair. I just took along a zip-top bag when I went to my beautician, and we placed each cut into the bag. This may take several trips, depending on how often you get your hair trimmed, so make sure to save all the clippings.

"After I got home, I used some velvet to make a large yo-yo, stuffed it with my hair, stitched it, pulled it tight and had a very useful item for the sewing room. Most of us know that we aren't supposed to put pins in our mouths, but we sometimes forget, so they do get wet. Since I've made many of these over the years as gifts and for my own use I've never had a rusty pin to throw away. Keep up the good work."