Customer Reviews for Restoration Fabric Restorer

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5 out of 5 (Reviewed by 12 customers.)

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April 29, 2021
Suze L
It's not all the magic I read it was supposed to be. Seems to help, but won't attack all stains and such.
September 17, 2020
Maria B
This was the first time I used this product. I was looking for a something to whiten a 30 year old very delicate dotted Swiss baptismal gown that my mother made for my first born. I followed all of the instructions and it was whitening before my eyes! The gown is just perfect now and I cannot wait for my new grandbaby to wear it. Thank You!!!
September 4, 2020
Janice S
I just love this stuff!
December 21, 2019
Mary M
I have used this product once in my front loading washer and was amazed at how much dingy white was gone! I will do another load in a week to see how much more has whitened. I used it on t-shirts and socks from my husband. I will be very surprised if they come out whiter. I would recommend this to anyone.
August 6, 2018
Sandra H
I had linens that were approx 80 years old. They had rust stains and were in generally poor condition. I used this product as instructed and they are restored to almost new condition.
They are heirloom linens made by my husband's grandmother who was an expert at embroidery and applique. I'm anxious for our daughters to see them now. SO PLEASED, I'll buy again!
August 15, 2017
Rebecca D
I love this product, it has restored some of my lovely handmade items that have been stained and discolored. Thank you!
January 24, 2017
Colleen N
I had absolutely wonderful results when I used this product on a 40 year old hand crocheted queen-sized bedspread that my grandmother had made. When I received the bedspread I don't think it had ever been washed. It was a deep ecru and had about 8 small stains. I followed the directions on the Restoration bottle and viola! -- no stains and the bedspread was once again a lovely light ivory. I could not be more pleased with the results and will purchase another container to keep on hand.
July 11, 2016
Trina O
This works very well on many things. It took out the yellowing and rust spots of a couple of crewel pieces, over 30 years old, only it faded the color too. I was able to get the fading out of the linen. I would caution to color test first. I am thinking about spraying it on the linen then had washing it out,
November 10, 2015
Tisha M
This is a very good stain remover. It removed yellowing from linen that had been sitting for quite some time. It also removed some difficult stains from some clothing.
May 9, 2015
Sally L
I used Restoration on two projects with terrific results. One was a stained baby quilt that had been sitting around for at least forty years without being washed. The second was a tablecloth I inherited. It had unknown food stains and was also yellowed from cigarette smoke. It also reeked of cigarette smoke. Restoration got out both the stains and the odor. I will definitely be ordering more.