Get Organized for Back-to-School Season video
Get Organized for Back-to-School Season
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Kelsey Baird is the editorial assistant for Country Samplerís special home decorating publications. Inspired by the creativity and talent of the Country Sampler team and other crafters at Annieís, Kelsey enjoys repurposing and creating unique home decor pieces. She has also recently taken up gardening and is excited to get creative with her small space! Full bio »

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Making cool projects to get organized for school can help even the summer break-loving student look forward to upcoming classes. The materials needed for these projects can be purchased ahead of time so you can choose a rainy day when kids are bored to assemble the Trendy Leather Wall Pockets and or the Colorful Corkboard Discs. Both projects are ideal for using in a locker or dorm. Watch this Creative Living episode with crafter Kelsey Baird to see how to put them together. Materials needed for Trendy Leather Wall Pockets:
  • Cork mats
  • Faux leather fabric
  • Upholstery tacks
  • Leather strips (in width of cork board mat)
  • Hot glue gun
Materials needed for Colorful Corkboard Disks:
  • 4" round wooden plaques
  • Corkboard sheets
  • Paint and brush
  • Strong glue/adhesive