Intro to Paper Clay Crafting video
Intro to Paper Clay Crafting
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Susan Wagner is the Special Projects Director for the Country Sampler brand of Annie's Publishing and the editor of various special decorating publications produced by Country Sampler . Susan has been involved in home decorating and publishing for the past 20 years and has seen various styles and trends shape the decorating world. She works with designers and decorating... Full bio »

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Creating homemade paper clay compound is easy and uses basic household supplies including toilet paper, hot water, joint compound, glue, baby oil and flour. Learn how to use paper clay to shape ornaments, tags, bowls, plates and more!

In this Intro to Paper Clay Crafting online video class brought to you by Annie's Creative Studio, craft expert Susan Wagner demonstrates how to:
  • Use basic household supplies to create malleable paper clay.
  • Mold textured pieces over cut crystal bowls and plates.
  • Shape paper clay into ornaments and gift tags.
  • Add paint to marblize and color the paper clay.